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I know I’m in the wrong spot but this is for you if you want to try Lorain

First let me say the launch at Lorain was the worst I have seen on Erie.

The sign at the entrance said it was 4$ to launch and the sign where you put the money in said 5$, I erred on the side of caution.
The actual launch was not very wide and the dock was in much need of repair. The bathrooms had a push button lock on the door and the code was posted (why even have it locked) but the deadbolt above the push button lock was locked. 😲😡
Anyway enough about the launch, I did hit a 23 right outside the breakwall in 30′ on a reaper at 135 back with 3/4 ounce inline running 2.5.
I fished for 10 hours from 28′ to 50′ fow running dipsy w/ spoons, 2 ounce inlines, 5 color leadcore running bandits, flicker minnows and whatever else I could put on. and only caught 3 shorts and a 28 1/2″ cat in 46′ fow. Not the best way to end a season but it’ll have to do.
Hunting season really gets rolling in a couple of weeks. 😉

Good Luck, Stay Safe.

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