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Inaugural Trip

Worked 12 hour shift Sunday night, got off work 4 am went home threw stuff in truck, hooked up boat and picked up my buddy and headed towards the lake. Got to vrbo at 1030, threw luggage in cabin and headed to Catawba launch. got on the water around noon, by the time we got to destination and setup around 100. We only ran out 4 lines so we didn’t have to mess with boards. First time for me with my own boat on Erie. We fished just west of green Island and trolled in north and south direction. We ended up catching 9 walleye by 6:30 and stopped because other buddy made it over and was at the house. We trolled lengths of 65, 80, 90, 100 back. our most productive baits were a smithwick Rouge in dark purple striped at 65 back early in the trip and smithwick rouge in chartruse and orange 100 ft back towards the evening. First time out went ok, but would not have been near that good if it hadn’t been for this forum. Met a now new friend DW72 and he helped us out a lot. Gave us a direction to go and start and it was a great help. Going to be fishing a few more days and so is he, so we are keeping in touch and texting each other our progress. Next couple of days should be good ….Thanks to Don’s help next couple of days should be fun. Thanks to everyones reports and suggestions from this forum, inaugural trip with my boat should be a success. I’ll try to post more when I can.
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