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ISO charter for 6-8

Hello friends!

My boss has tasked me to find a walleye charter for a company outing on June 8th. The total number of people is not yet set but it would be at max 11 people. We would be looking to walleye fish with a preference to cast/drift fish and then switch to trolling if “needed” (better to catch trolling than strike out casting!). Would also be interested in switching to smallmouth fishing if we happen to limit out early and/or if that is ever an option. The plan is for the group to stay at Put in Bay for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) so we would need “picked up” from the island if anyone can/offer that.

Anyone on here able to accommodate that? If not, any suggestions? I have reached out to a couple places directly but so far each has said they are booked already.

As always, thanks in advance for the help!!


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