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jig tying

waiting on spring no boats in water we had to pull a little early due to water level and sand bar might be a problem in spring we will see just when perching was getting good out in front of wards 18 ft of water got 50 fish one day 3 guys then 39 pounds next day 4 guys plain spreaders and perch rigs buddy makes rigs with the flies on them he gave me a few baited it up with shiners from bite me 2 my old shop soon as i put it down double next day 22 pounds 3-guys same spot took a day off went out again and hit bottom with a strong swest wind we turned around went back to dock season over water came up a day we got to ramp to pull boat at the mouth of wards the sandbar is bad other boats got stuck getting to bad there and seems like were last one dredged might have to move marina after 45 years. ben tying jigs year round. happy thanksgiving a few pics 419 708 0131 ask for scott

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