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Lorain 3/13

Started out trolling NE in 52 ft of water out of hot waters. Started fishing about 3:30pm. Finished up with a 3 man limit around 7:00 pm. Speed was 1.3 to 1.7. We ran bandits off the right side 120 unassisted, 50/50 with 2 oz snap weight, and 50/70 with 2 oz snap weight. On the left side, we ran 110 unassisted, 50/40 with 2 oz snap weight, and 50/60 with 2 oz snap weight. The unassisted rods took bigger fish with the inside rods taking mostly 19-23 inch males. Taco salad, wonder bread, and blue shiner all produced. Taco salad took half of the fish. What a great evening on the lake with a great group of guys!
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