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Maumee River Walleye in February

Just took a look at the Maumee Tackle river fishing report. Wow. Some walleye, and not small ones, were caught back around February 10-11. Not just a few, as in a two or three people. Several photos posted of people with two or three fish. Now these probably are not staging Lake spawners, but who knows. I have never heard of anyone catching walleye in the Maumee river in early February. The river fishery may be changing enough that there is now a pretty decent size resident population. Or, the mild winter and lack of ice may have brought a few fish in real early, staging for the actual spawn run coming up. Seems people are fishing a lot earlier now, including the river. Lake Erie boat fishing when there is no ice is now done in the winter, and not just a few boats. Will be interesting to see if any non-traditional areas and times of year start producing catches as people branch out and try new places and fish more in the “off season”.
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