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Need guidance


I bought a boat late last year, 1995 Starcraft 191V Islander, really a nice boat. I had a Sea Nymph 195 GLS, I really liked that boat, but my previous didn’t want me to have it, nother story, nother time.

It’s has been 10+ years since I have fished Lake Erie, but I made it there a few times last year and it was wonderful.

Now I am making this boat mine.

It had a big planer board mast on the bow, two “Bert” shorty mast mounted directly to both the gunwales, mid way and a complex pulley system. The boards are two board, plastic, collapsible 28″ long. I have never used big boards, not something I may use, but it could be handy to have it in my arsenal, but I want to streamline the system. I removed the bow mast, I know the higher, the better, but not for me. I am wanting to mount the Berts shorty mast on a track system, mid gunwales. Bolted through 3/4″ Osage ” wood” and 5/32″ Aluminum.

I have researched this and ask questions, but apparently I didn’t
ask the right ones, the right way.

1). Will the Berts shorty work in any of the track systems, Traxtech, Bert’s, Cannon etc?

2. Are the tracks tough enough to handle the boards?

May use one to two lines per side, more than likely just one, just me and grandson. Probably no more than 50 feet out, per side.

Thanks for reading the long commentary, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible.

Johnny D

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