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Perch 9/15/23. South of Kellys Island

Started north of lakeside today in 26 ft of water with several other boats. 8 jumbo perch in 1.5 hrs. Moved east to 35 ft of water off the southeast corner of Kellys. Large pack south of us. One other boat at our location. Had a slow bite for the next 4.5 hrs but managed a 2 person limit of 60 really nice perch. 26 lbs at cleaners. We had 2 fish the broke the 12 inch mark and numerous in the 11 inch range. Emerald shiners cut in 3 on crappie rigs. We had to keep the rig moving up and down to trigger a bite. Ran an engine at times also. Definitely the best grade of perch we have caught this season. Reading some other reports; we were lucky to find these fish.


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