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Port Clinton Head Boats

Good afternoon… I have a three day men’s conference outside Cleveland. I will be driving from Indiana and have the option to tow a boat over that way and drag it around for three days while at the conference or leave the boat home and try out one of the head boat services in Port Clinton after the conference is over and I’m headed home. I have thought about this type of head boat fishing in a while but have no experience. So, I’m curious if anyone has any tips or pearls to share. I called one of the services and they said they are still jigging but worms are beginning to work. Any tips on what to bring or take and your opinion as to whether morning or evening is a better bite currently. I would be going next Wednesday or Thursday and was also thinking about seeing about sharing a ride out to fish with splitting the expenses with someone going out or just bringing the boat along and put up with that minor inconvenience. I appreciate your advice.
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