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Shake Down Fish with Weaver Clan

My buddy Mark asked me to join him and some family for a planned fishing trip on his boat a few weeks ago.I fished on his 35′ Sea Ray 3 yrs ago.His boat is more of a cruising boat and not really set up for fishing.But he does have 2 rod holders that I could set our Cisco triple tubes into to get out 6 rods trolling.But Mark wanted to start out casting and switch to trolling if the casting didn’t work.
But we had a problem.The boat still wasn’t in the water as our fishing day approaching.Mark said the people launching his boat at the CIC had it scheduled to launch the morning before our fishing trip.I figured they were good enough to believe them so I drove over that morning to our lake house.That afternoon Mark text me at 5pm that when he arrived at his place at the CIC after work,his boat was not at his dock!He went over to the launch site and had his boat going in as he arrived.Talk about cutting it close.We loaded up the trolling gear and went out to dinner.
We needed to wait till 8am Friday morning,when the CIC fuel dock opened to gas up.Took a short ride out to F can and started to troll a little before 9am.I recommended we start trolling instead of casting because there was hardly any wind.Set out 6 inline boards with 4 bandits on the outside boards and set up the inside boards with a couple of tadpole/harness.Was a slow tough bite.Seamed we only catching occasionally on the outside boards.Switched out the 4 outside lines with white and chartreuse bandits on longer leads of 90-110.
Changed out those inside harnesses to bandits eventually,then changed one of those to a dipsey.Put a spoon harness,flicker shad and a J7 on dipsey too.Even put a sinker on the other inside line.We fished from 9-2:30 Friday and did not get a single bite on those inside lines We finished with 9 fish that weighed 25 lbs at cleaners.
I took the 9.5lbs of filets to my place and zippered and cut up half of them for dinner.We went to the Crow’s nest and they cooked up our fish for the 8 of us.We really enjoyed the fresh fish for dinner.Talked to a charter there that told me he did well trolling his big boards/Tru trips/spoons on Friday.So the spoon/harness bite is switching over now.
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