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Shake Down Trip in John’s New Boat

John and I got out Sunday afternoon from 1-6pm.Was cold, cloudy and some wind in the morning, but by midafternoon, the sun came out and the wind died, and it got really nice on the lake. We found a pack of boats fishing some stained water south of south bass, there were good marks, but the bite was not very good. John had been talking about getting a new boat for the past 5yrs, but he bit the bullet this past fall and bought a brand new 30′ Grady White Marlin 300 Walkaround Cabin. What a great boat to fish out of on Lake Erie. We are still trying to figure out some of the technical stuff on it but got the auto pilot working and nice to finally have that auto pilot when only two of us are fishing. We only ended up with 5 fish and we did not see anybody netting fish. Caught a 25 and 24 incher and two 19″ fish and a 15″ fish. Got two on white perch bandit at 80 and one on blue chrome at 90. The other two were with 2oz weight on inside boards. Chrome Marvin 20 then 30 more for total of 50 and humble bee at 20 and 40 more for total of 60.Speed was around 2.0mph.
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