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Start of 2024 Season and New Used Boat

Made it out Weds and Thurs this week 4/17-18 to start the season. Same story both days. Crossing the brown water in the South Channel I could mark lots of fish but no biters. Arriving on the NW side of Kelly’s I found stained water and a fair number of boats. Not a lot of nets going up but there was some success. I got two fat ones on a pink and yellow bandit (rotten fruit?) 70 back and another 70 for the planer board. 2.2mph by GPS and 1.5mph by paddle wheel sensor. Water temp was 52 degrees at the surface. Fish cleaners was a ghost town so must have been modest success by most.

For you guys with a wife that would like a little more creature comforts than your center console or walleye boat can provide…take heart. We moved up last year from a 23′ outboard center console to a 29′ cruiser with twin v-drives. After a year of fixing and upgrades we feel she is now both comfortable for weekending and competent for walleye trolling or perch fishing. To be sure she is not as nimble as the outboard center console but wind, rain and most rough water are taken in stride. My only strong advice is this…get something with a flat deck between the helm and the stern. Lots of cruisers out there with a step down to trip on when you hurry back to tend a rod that is bent over 🙂 Fuel cost seems like a lot but when you eliminate the tow vehicle and the hotel room it balances out.

Good Luck in 2024 Everyone!!!!

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