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Sunday 3/12 report

There hasn’t been many reports, so I thought I would share what I could. I was ask to ride along for moral support with a new captain on his first charter, so I’m somewhat limited to what I can share.

We put in a long day but sent his Kansas crew home with 24 solid eyes. The nice part was I ask them early if they brought a big fish cooler and they said they did. When I left for home one of them was headed to Walmart for a bigger cooler, lol!!!!!

For the most part we fished where we could in the west lee of Kellys. The wind was bad early but eased a little as the day went on.

I can tell you this. The P10s out performed the Bandits 3 to 1. They wanted more wobble. We trolled from .8 to 1.2 and run the P10s from 20/20 to 30/30 with 2 ozs. The Bandits worked best at 100 back unassisted.

Early P10s in 24 carrot and clown did best but early afternoon all the white baits did best, Floyd and one like Floyd but purple head and a few custom Bandits – Baisicly white with a flow yellow head and one with a pink head.

Late in the day Huff Daddy and Poo Bear Bandits rocked – they were hot for sure but we ran out of time and had a full box.

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