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Thursday 3/30 report

It was 27 degrees when we stopped at the Tiger Den to pick up Fishing Tiger. It was still 27 when we got to Huron. Why Huron? Because I wanted payback after my last trip there, lol.

We went North East out of the channel and quickly started marking fish just as before. The boat picked up a coat of ice from the run out. Reminded me of the show deadliest catch. We went through the fish into the North wind so we could fish back with the waves. We picked up a couple 17 inchers on Blue Chrome Bandits but it was slow just like last time. But at least these fish came up on the bandits 80 back at 1.2 mph.

As the sun got higher we shifted more into the dirtier water which was 4 degrees warmer and started hitting on Taco Salad 80 to 100 back naked at 1.2 to 1.4 mph. You had to be turning. They hit on inside and outside turns but not when running strait. There was a 90 minute flurry then things slowed way down again. My guess is these fish are so cold/slow they only need to eat once a day, but what do I know. When I bled one out it lived for almost an hour, very slow metabolism, the heart couldn’t pump out the blood.

We called it quits early with 12 fish total. We released the 6 biggest all 26 inches or more and kept the 6 smallest. 9 fish and the biggest came on Taco Salad in the dirtier water. 1.2 to 1.4 doing turns 80 to 100 back.

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