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Toddler time 3.0

Hey friends!!

Heading back up for a long weekend with the fam this weekend and PIB is back on the docket. We are coming up Th-Sun and the tentative plan is to do another “on the way” stop to fish with the little toddler gal. Been seeing really good perch reports and think if we got her into a big, hot and heavy action perch bite, she would LOVE it!

Seems like around Green is the way to go now based on what I am reading and that would jive with being en route to PIB for us as well. Is that a good spot to start? Any specific “side” or depth to look for? Got a fish finder but it isnt the greatest so its tough to drive around and look for marks. If Green isnt working, any other decent spots in that area to give a shot?

As always, appreciate the help a TON!! I found this forum a couple years ago and it is such a great resource with everyone helping out. Its a huge lake and people like Jules and Waterdog are super helpful to us average weekend warrior dopes!!!

Tight lines all!


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