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Water Temperature Drop

Lake water temperature dropped 4 degrees in 36 hours at the Marblehead CG Station.

Marblehead Station
04/16 6:54 pm Wind Direction WSW Wind Speed 15.0 Gusts 24.1 Water Temp. 51.6
04/17 6:24 pm WSW 11.1 21.0 48.9
04/18 6:42 am W 19.0 26.0 47.7

South Bass Island Station 7am 04/18
Air Temperature (ATMP): 36.7 °F
Wind speed 31kts
Wind Gusts 35kts
Wind Chill 23.0 °F

Saturday dead calm and near 80 degrees. Two days later, Monday, 30 knot winds and 36 degrees. I’ve see a lot of weather changes at the Lake, but this one will stick in my memory. Lake Erie truly can be quite the weather contrast.

Another big blow with the added water temperature drop. What will the walleye do now?

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