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10/25 Report

One last trip and was planning for perch only with a friend coming up. Saw a few guys cleaning some walleye at the Bass Haven fish house and kindly shared some info that gave me a plan and new confidence for walleye.

Went out to Gull reef for the first time and trolled around the reef in 26ft or so. Caught 4 nice walleye, one was 24″ the others 20″. We also got a nice bonus 19″ smallmouth Fatboy. Also a big catfish.

Lost several bandits on the rocks as I slid into 14ft while trolling. Lost a few walleye hits also.

The one yellow bandit with a red head caught everything. Bandits were out 60 unassisted.

Had a good day thanks to the info shared in the fish house.

Was a little choppy at Gull when trolling back into the wind.

One other boat trolling and one casting.

FYI saw 2 Tibbels head boats west of Kelly’s and a few rec boats but did not try for any perch.

Decided to pull the boat for the year.

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