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Butch & Denny’s Bait Shop new owner

I just found out Butch & Denny’s Bait Shop, on Corduroy Road in Curtice (just west of Meinke Marina West), decided to sell to Maumee Tackle. According to their Facebook page the last day it was Butch & Denny’s was September 08. Looks like the operation will continue pretty much as it was, as the page said the employees will “still be around.”

For those who don’t know, Maumee Tackle has been around for years, located on the the main street in Maumee just two blocks up from the river. The current owner took over a number of years ago, can’t remember how long ago, from the previous owner. They have been the hub of the Maumee spring spawn fishing runs for walleye in March/April and White Bass in April/May. Then the rest of the year they report on catfish, smallmouth, panfish, and the rest of the river species (including a small resident population of walleye and a small steelhead run this time of year).

Butch & Denny’s is now called Maumee Tackle Lakeside.

If anyone knows more about this, please PM me or just post here.

PS – took the sailboat to Port Clinton to be pulled on Tuesday, October 24. Not many fishing, but it was late afternoon. Got a perch report from guy docked next to me, he got his limit a little ways off the NW corner of Kelleys Island.

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