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11/25 report

It was 26 in the morning, so we waited until mid day when it warmed to a balmy 36. We launched out of Mazuriks and headed strait to the area south of S Bass we have been working for the last few weeks. We concentrated in the deeper 40 to 50+ channel.

It was just Christy and I, so we set out 4 inline boards to port and deployed the side downriggers (2). We stayed with the same program as before but shifted deeper as that was giving up the better quality eyes.

The boards ended up out 140,125, 110, and 90, pulling naked Bandits. Seasick frog in white, Seasick frog in chrome, and fruit dot caught our smaller fish (not really small, mostly 3 pounders).

The riggers were the real producers and accounted for all of our bigger fish. They were working 30 to 40 down pulling P10s in Perchase and Ctown. They produced 1 over 8, 2 over 6, and several 4s (by boat scale).

We didn’t change up colors as all of the above caught steady. Riggers non stop, boards not so much. NOTE: the riggers caught at the slower speeds 1.2 and the boards faster 1.6

We released the bigger fish and kept 12, 3-4 pounder ish for the freezer. Someone ask what we do with all those fish: we give our catch to the guests who fish with us, so it is nice to be able to stock our freezer for the winter.

Water temps were 34 and we trolled 1.2 to 1.6 mph fishhawk give or take.

It looks like weather, personal obligations, and holidays will keep us grounded for some time. I stabilized the gas just in case we don’t get back out until March when we typically start back.

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