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Fishing with Jen and Matt… 11/25/2023

Winter is coming…time to put some fish in my freezer, for some walleye chowder I like to make over the cold season. 🙂

I invited my friends Jen and Matt, to go fishing today. The high temp for the day was only going to be 35 degrees, but the winds were calm, so it would be a good day to go out. The water temp was still at 43 degrees, so there was no icing up at the ramps, yet.

We launched out of Catawba at 9:30(ish), and headed out looking for some fish near the islands. There were several boats working the F Can area, but I decided that going back to the Starve Island area, where Jen and I fished the last time out was our best bet….and, I was right.

There were several boats over there, too, but not too crowded, so down went the Terrova and the baby Merc. The Fish Hawk was deployed, because there’s a lot of current in that area, and the speed set at 1.8 on the FH. The SOG was showing 2.0-2.1mph on an easterly direction.

We targeted the south edge of the “hole”, in 28-32 feet of water. There weren’t a lot of marks, but we started catching anyway.

We set up with what Jen and I used last week, and it didn’t disappoint.

We set the following behind the Off Shore boards:

DHJ14s in Blue/Chrome with a 2oz snap weight set at 30/30 (putting the weight on at the 30 mark and letting out another 30′ for a total of 60′)

Bill Lewis PWCs (Precision Walleye Crank, for those that are as bad at acronyms, as I am)…BH Wonderbread, Christmas Sweater, and Green Tiger set 60-75 back, unassisted (meaning, no weight).

A Dead Eye (deep)… Red Headed Wonderbread, painted by DJ Custom Eye Lures at 50/24 2oz took three fish.

Spro Madeye 120 in the color, “Marvin” at 98 back unassisted did well, too.

We managed to put 19 fish in the boat, but only kept 17. Two smaller 17″ fish were released to get a chance to grow bigger.

The average was 2-4 pounds, with our largest going around 6 pounds.

It was a fun 4 hours on a beautiful lake, and it didn’t really feel that cold, since there wasn’t any wind. 🙂

The boat is back in its heated storage, and ready to go out again, when the weather allows.

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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