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1st report this year…not much help!

I have been working on the big boat getting ready to launch the last couple weekends. Brought the fishing boat along hoping to finish my work on Sunday early enough to get out. I didn’t finish my list until about 4:00 pm. Grabbed some bait, and headed to East bay state park to launch. Marking tons of fish east of mouse island, so I stopped to jig for a bit. Water was super muddy. Nothing at all in the 45 minutes I spent there, so continued with my plan to troll. I set up south of green island, and headed north pulling bandits unassisted 70-100 back. I was by myself so just 3 boards. Wrapped around green to the east caught the first one right where the jet express runs closest to green. Nice 24” on blue crome 80 back. Continued NNE keeping the west edge of sugar as my waypoint. About 15 minutes later same lure hit again with a 20”er. BTW I was 2mph. Cleared south bass on the same heading and hooked up on the third. Absolutely felt like an eye all the way in, but no…farm animal. That was on a black head wonder bread. About 15 minutes later same board disappeared completely with the rod bouncing like crazy. No question about it sheep again. I didn’t mind as I was about to bring in my gear anyway, and when it doesn’t mess up my run I don’t mind catching a big sheep for fun. He ended up being a 29” hog. It was getting dark so I got north of sugar, set out some bottom bouncers with harnesses west to east between middle, and north bass. Marking quite a few fish in that area. Nothing at all not even a catfish which is more often than not what I catch up there late at night. By midnight no marks at all on the fish finder. Slow rolled all the way back down looking for fish since I rarely run fast at night anyway. Stopped a couple times on big marks for few minutes, but still nothing. Honestly didn’t expect much but it was an excuse to make an all night adventure out of it. Got back to the ramp at about 4am. Not great for fishing. I did learn a little, and had a blast being out on the water. About 2 more weeks, and I’ll have the big boat in. I’ll be up most weekends after that.
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