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Fishing with Nancy, Glen Sr., and Glen Jr….4/30/2024

Quick report today…had a later launch, and there’s lots to do before bedtime.😬
First time back on the water since a week ago, today.

Launched out of Catawba with my crew from Huron, OH, and headed west to the other side, and landed in 14-18’ of water.
The water was dirty to the south, mixing where we were (could see the cavitation plate and the prop was “ghostly”), and there was cleaner water to the north.

We didn’t catch any big fish this morning, but what we did catch were all good-sized eaters.

I was slacking on my photos today…sorry. This is the only one.

It was raining when we launched at 7am, so no sunrise pic, but by mid-morning the Sun was breaking through, from time to time, so that dried things out, and warmed the air up, nicely.

We ran crawlers on the starboard side and Bandits on the port side. The catch rate was 50/50 between the two, so I never broke down one side to run the other…I probably should have, but I couldn’t decide which to take off. So I left them.

We ended up with 16 for 18 on the walleye…and, we caught the first sheephead (in my boat)
of the season, and two white perch.

Speed was anywhere from 1.5 to 2.0mph.
Water temp varied from 55.6 to 57.3 degrees.

The mud is cleaning up fast, and shifting locations by the hour.

The Shortman family did a great job learning to run the OffShore boards, and setting them out. They currently run big boards on their boat, but wanted to see how to run inline boards, and I am confident they would be able to do this easily, by themselves.

We ran 2oz inline chain sinkers on the harnesses at 20, 30, 33, and 35 back …and, the Bandits ran at 55, 45, 40, and 35 back.

Tomorrow, and Wednesday, I have two fellas from Iowa, so I’m meeting them at Mazurik’s, and launching at 6:15, so hopefully there will be a sunrise pic in the morning.

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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