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3/1 – 3/4 Huron

Fished 2 1/2 days and we started about a mile north of the dump. Fished back and forth about 5 miles East and then back west. We limited each day with several fish over 7#. Water depth for us started at 44-45 but last day it was 39-41. Best speed was 1.4-1.5 for us (SOG) with a few fish while on turns. Sunspot by far the best bandit at 100 back. The deep fish seemed inactive other than a few. We also did well on blue and black headed wonderbread and a few fish on blue chrome on the first day. We were done by the time the sun came out on day 3 so unsure how that changed things up.

Thank you to my new friends who we networked with us out there. It helped me a lot as the fish on day #1 were more scattered and not biting. It was better fishing shallower and to the east. I had a significant phone issue yesterday morning, so was off the grid yesterday.

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