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Catabwa 3/2

Launched from Catabwa right about sunrise saturday morning. Water was around 36 degrees and as calm and flat as it gets. Beautiful day to be on the water. Headed out to the southeast of south bass and checked the deeper water there in the “hole”. Didnt have great marks so moved around looking for fish. Just northeast of there the graph was lit up but too small of marks to walleye? I’m not certain on that. Kept heading north intending to go around to the north of kelley and check the 40ft plus waters. Got some decent marks in around 30 FOW between kelley and south bass so we decided to set up and give it a shot. Fishing was decent considering the amount of fish on graph. Trolled with the wind 1.6-1.8 on helix. 1.3-1.5 on fishhawk. We caught some really nice fish, most in the 22-25 range. Ran Bandits unassisted 80-120 back. Sunspot? I believe, taco salad and the blue firetiger seemed to bring in the most fish. My wife was along and her mom was looking after the kids so we were on a time schedule and had to leave just before noon. Ended with 13 Nice fish. Had a great time and a safe trip which is always the number 1 priority. Thanks to all of you whom share your knowledge on this forum, it has helped me greatly though I still have a lot to learn.
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