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3/15 Report

My nephew and I managed to get out on the Lake on Wednesday. We launched from Catawba around 9:30 as the wind was beginning to die down a bit. Had 2 to 3 footers as we headed northeast from the launch but once we got south of South Bass the waves began to diminish some. We found some stained water as we headed a little further north and set up about a mile or so east of Perry’s. I got my first board out and was trying to help my nephew figure out how to set the boards and what lures to use for the day when my first board went off. I had a shallow set of just 35 back with an SPRO that netted the first chunky walleye. They didn’t come in that fast the rest of the day but we did net 18 and took 12 home for the dinner table. Average weight of the keepers was about 4.5 lbs. Speed varied and they seemed to hit when there was a change in speed, but average speed was 1.1 to 1.3 mph. Water temp still cool at 36 degrees. All in all it was a gorgeous day on the water and we had a great time.
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