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3/21 report

We were finally able to get the new Tiger out of it’s den to find out if it is going to be a Fishing Tiger. We got stopped at Mazurek’s ramp for a safety check and got dinged for no anchor.

There were several reports from boats coming in of eyes East of Kelleys. Not my first choice for this time of year but since this was mostly a shake out trip we decided to work there.

First fish was a 26 inch fatty. We ended up with 11 total but 5 were over 25 and the biggest 28 1/2. We let the 5 big mammas go to do their thing and kept the 6 smaller for the grease. By smaller I mean 18 inchers and above. We had no shorts.

We didn’t find any fish schooled. It was just a grind covering water. We worked mostly 35 to 40 feet of water. 9 of our fish came on the downrigers oscillating between 25 to 30. All 9 came on blue chrome Rogues. We started with Blue Chrome on one rigger and gold red on the other, but quickly went to blue chrome on both. We didn’t touch a fish on Bandits but 2 of our largest fish came on Spro Madeye 120s fished 100 back naked. They were on Blue and Chrome also. Note the Spro looks almost like the Rogue color.

Speed was around 1.5 give or take.

Final decision is the new Tiger is a Fishing Tiger, yea!!!!

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