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4/22 report

Well I will fess up. This post is in the spirit of letting everyone know everybody messes up sometimes. It happens. So I tell myself, lol.

As background, when we came in late Thursday (after dark) there was a nice Skeeter tied up at the ramp. When we pulled Fishing Tiger out there was a couple by their truck and trailer. To make a long story short they had a flat and the jack wouldn’t work and a few other issues. They were from out of state and had been stranded for a couple hours trying to get help. I couldn’t believe no one helped them, even tow trucks wouldn’t come because of the trailer.

I told them I would be right back. We put fishing Tiger in the Den and Captain Christy started teaching our guest how we clean fish. I think there were 18 nice ones that day. I grabbed work lights and a jack and returned to help out. With a few issues we got the tire changed and they were good to go. Nice people, glad to help.

Now back to my OH Sh@#@#t. It seems in the rush to help and being out of our routine we forgot to plug in the boat. Well in the high winds Thursday and yesterday we were working the trolling motor hard. We had an easy 7 in the box first thing yesterday when the trolling motor shut down. When you use Lithium batteries they just stop! And it is worse when you have a Ultera. They don’t stow. We were in some pretty good waves so I had to idle (didn’t want to bend shaft) 2 hours to a sheltered spot behind an island and do the emergency release to raise motor manually. It’s not that bad if you know how, but not to be done in waves.

So our trip was cut short yesterday.

The 7 we caught were on different colors, 80 to 100 back. They are still wanting it fast for this time of year. We trolled at 2 to 2.2.

I’ll be off the water for a few days but will post when we get back out next week.

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