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March 26-April 22

It has been a great month of fishing for me. We have been fairly successful and have been fishing from Huron to Lorain. The muddy water conditions around the islands have just flat made for not great fishing. We have been out most everyday accept for a few blow days had a few days when the spawn started that where fairly tough fishing but once it was in gear the fish turned on great. I did catch my personal best walleye it was 32” and weighed 14 pounds a true Lake Erie giant. The fish have been very high in the water column and we have been using p10’s and bandit lures. The p10’s have been fantastic this year and have been fantastic producers since the water has stayed so cold so long. We have also had great success with husky jerks this spring there were days that did the work. Here are a few photos of the past month.

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