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5/19 and everything is right in fishing world

After the fog the last couple days it was great to be able to see…anything. Yesterday was so bad I couldn’t get out of the marina until about 10:00. Picked up a couple here, and there. Started casting then trolled spoons. Saw the wall of fog coming in at about 4:00. That was it for the day. This morning I was up, and pulling out of the marina before sunrise. Went up NW of Kelly’s for a little early casting. I was the first boat there. By 6:30 there were 10 or so boats moving in, so I put my spoon troll together, and headed west. Somewhere about 8:30 I hadn’t got 1 bite. Broke down everything, and set up for crawler harnesses right north of sugar island. Running 2oz weights 45-55’ behind the boards. 1.75 mph. Blade color didn’t matter as long as there was meat. Most fun I’ve had in a long time. It didn’t matter what direction I went, or where I was. As long as I kept at leas 30’ of water under me I caught fish. Circled between sugar, and north bass a couple times then headed south. Ended up between middle and rattlesnake. Started at 9:00 ended at 10:30. In 1 1/2 hours I caught mylimit of mostly nice fish 1 just over, but he swallowed everything, so had to keep him, and 1 getting close to my cutoff on size. I usually toss anything over 24. 2 shorts. 3 farm (1hog that was fun) 3 decent catfish, a decent smallie, and a white bass. To say I was busy by myself is an understatement! I’m glad I didn’t fall overboard while I was running around. I thank God for the blessing, and opportunity to get to do this! Sorry I ran on, but it was so much fun I had to share.
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