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5/19 Casting

Wife and I went out around 2 this afternoon. Not the best time to be out but get it when you can. We headed to the east side of crib reef where we picked up a dozen yesterday with another couple. Looked around some and it was looking pretty bleak. Tried a drift and didn’t get any eyes. I rode around for a half hour looking for fish in the general area but no luck.

Moved to west of Niagara and headed slowly west looking for fish. Started marking some as we got closer to little pickerel so we set up to make a drift. My wife picked up a keeper soon after that. We both started with red and white beaded harness fishing the bottom. After the first drift, I changed to white and chartreuse beaded harness with a copper fish scale blade. I noticed quite a few fish up in the water so on the next drift I fished higher and started picking them up right away. I caught 6 in the next hour. The fish were at about 20 feet down in 27 to 30 feet of water. At that point we decided it was time to go clean them and us. All in all, a good day.

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