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5-27 Report

We left Port Clinton around 8:30 am and headed toward Middle Bass. Started trolling with the wind toward Middle Sister. Not many boats out. We put out 6 rods, 2 outside with planer boards, middle rods with dipseys at the 3 setting (50 ft. out worked best) and two dragging behind the boat. The dipseys and boards caught our fish, using #7 + #11 flickers (70 back) and bandits 80 back and a mix of small/large stinger spoons. We were in 28 to 31 ft. of water. Speed was 2.0 SOG. Best colors were perch, blue chrome crank baits, purple with black dot spoons. They usually bit two at a time. We got 15 of our 18 limit. Best time for us was from 1 to 3 pm. Looking forward to next weekend!
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