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5-23 2nd day on the water

Launched out of Catawba. Met my new friend DW72 who happened to be launching at the same time. It’s nice to have someone to text back and forth with when on the big lake, it makes it more enjoyable and gives you that extra sense of security. Started off just west of green island then trolled west towards D can. A lot of boats anchored up in that area so stayed north of the boats trying to avoid congestion. Caught half a dozen there then headed back east toward green island. Got back over by green island and finished our 18 limit over there about 3:30. DW72 had finished his limit as well so we met back at the Catawba ramp and visited a bit before he had to head home and we headed back to our rental. Caught fish on several different colors trolling cranks 14-19 foot deep over 30 FOW. Had a great day, tomorrow supposed to get windy so hoping to get out early and catch limit before winds get bad.
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