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6/23 report

We went North out of Huron this afternoon after the rain stopped. We set up in 40 ft of water trolling South West with the wind behind us. We roughly followed the 40 break until just North of the South dump and then shifted North West toward Cedar Point to stay on the marks. We took 18 keepers but only kept 12 for the table in 3 hours. No trash or bugs but allot of shorts as expected. We were tending rods non stop., downriggers oscillating from 35 to 28. Riggers were the leading producers, but everything caught.

We trolled 2.2 to 2.5 pulling Tru Trip 40s 70 back. Scorpion and Stinger spoons, Orange and dark green, and also purple were the best. Also took 2 nice fish on Flicker Shads.

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