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6/24 report

We got out yesterday afternoon just the two of us to do a little hunting and work on a few new setups. We tried several places between Cedar Point and the islands. We caught fish everywhere but mostly shorts. Trash fish were minimal. We worked dirty water to very clear. We found a program that produced more eater sized keepers.

Best program for keepers was 28 to 30 feet deep, didn’t matter how you got down there – riggers were the easiest and helped dial in that depth, Then we used 40 Tru Trips and inline weights to get in the zone. Any deeper and there were too many shorts, higher up it was too slow. Spoons worked best for us, size didn’t matter. Copper spoons in Dark green orange where best followed by purple.

We caught at all speeds but stayed at around 2.5 – 2.8 most of the time. Someone asked about temps the other day and I didn’t remember as I don’t monitor it much this time of year. The temps this time out were around 69 on the surface, it varied a little with dirty water a little warmer. At 30 down the water was a consistent 68.6. Pretty much stratified top to bottom in the 40 ft of water we were targeting.

Still allot of Mayflies.
There were allot of nets North of Kelleys not marked well. They are marked with dirty small floats (hard to see) with only one flag to the south. Be careful if you are trolling in that area.

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