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6/27 casting report

Went out yesterday trying for some eyes. First fished northwest of turtle creek in 15 feet of water. Never had a hit. Moved due north to 21 feet of water east of numerous trap nets and got more of the same. Marked a ton of small fish but didn’t have any minnows so moved north to 27 feet of water. Slowly picked up 5 keepers and a short. I was probably there for 3 hours but the fish turned off for the last hour. I was fishing pretty slow. Started with a crawler harness with gold hammered blade and red and white beads and a 3/4 ounce sinker. Picked up 1 with that setup in an hour so changed to a harness with white and chartreuse beads and they liked that better.

Very few boats out. Water was 75 degrees and the wind was moving me at just over .3 mph. I wish it was a little stiffer but control what you can…

The fish I caught were pretty aggressive as two of them had both hooks of the harness totally inside their mouth.

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