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New Angler – Vermilion

Just started fishing Lake Erie this summer. Currently have a 7ft Medium-Heavy rod, fast action. I have tried fishing Lake Erie a few times this summer (weekends) and haven’t had much luck. I do not have any planers, boards, down riggers, etc nor do I plan on using them this year.

With that being said, what do some of you recommend using? Spoons? Worm Harness? Erie Dearie? And how should I rig it? I thought about using a 2oz weight and having a lead off the top of it with a flutter spoon or worm harness? Plan on maybe drift fishing and or just cruising along about 1.8mph in 40-48FOW. Or should I just throw some 3/4oz spoons out, let them sink and slowly reel in? Am I on the right track?

Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. My biggest concern is knowing how deep my lure is without a line counter.

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