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6-28 Quick trip

Came up this weekend with the wife and toddler girl for an island weekend. On the way to PIB Friday, we stopped at American Eagle for a couple drifts to see if we could find some fish to keep the little one interested. The brainwashing is taking affect quite nicely because when she woke up from her little snooze (boat ride always puts her right to sleep!), she said “are we fishing??? YAAAAAY!!!!” ;).

Did 2 drifts just north of the red can. Picked up 1 walleye on each drift and a handful of sheep each drift. She loves “sheepyheads” so she had a ton of fun! Both eyes came on the same boring stuff they tend to hit for me for some reason! 1/2 ounce jig head, 3″ white curly tail, tipped with a little worm. Set that rod up to drag/bounce bottom while I cast a second rod with erie dearie or harness. Chose Dearie this time out of laziness and the Dearie caught all the sheep.

2 good eaters is plenty for a little fish fry for our fam so definitely had a fun and successful little stop!!

Be back up in 2 weeks with the fam again and hoping to hit some perch action then and get the little one REAAAALLY brainwashed with hot perch action! :o:o

Tight lines all!!

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