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6/29 this blow…blows!

Was waiting out the wind. Put in about 4:00pm. Made the short, and somewhat protected trip to my perch spot north of ballast. Anchored up , and immediately started catching. 4 in the box in 15 minutes plus a couple under 8” that went back then just shut off. Nothing else for an hour. Picked up and went north of East point. To rough to troll, so I just did some casting. Throwing weapons with 1/2 a crawler. Decent action for a couple hours. Lots of short strikes. Some shorts, and a couple farm. Ended up with 2 eaters. The 4 perch were on minnows on homemade double perch rigs. As an aside. Has anyone ever caught crappie around middle bass. I was waiting for the wind to die so I had a rod in the water in the marina, and caught a nice 12” on my perch rig. I often throw a line in off the big boat. Catch a couple perch from time to time just never any crappie. Seems odd! The marina is dead flat mostly silt bottom with no cover.
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