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6/6 Solo report

Got to Mazurik about 4:30 and headed out before sun-up to try and do some fish locating for the day. Went north until I was maybe a mile and a half NNW of Kelley’s and started marking some fish in 45 to 50 FOW. Started trolling cranks (bandits and a PWC) in a ENE direction. Managed to get a few eater size higher in the water column, but wasn’t seeing the good marks like I wanted to, so I headed a bit east to the Kelley’s shoal area. That area definitely produced the best for me. It was shallower, 30 to 38 FOW, where I started getting better marks, with a lot of the marks at 18 to 22 feet down. Best sets were 40 and 80 back. The bigger walleye came at 80 back, both on Khaki-Brown back bandit. The other 2 lures that produced well were blue/chrome Reef runner and a Sexy Chrome PWC. Speed was 1.9 to 2.2. It was a gorgeous day on the water, started with a SW breeze and more overcast and then really calmed down around 10 with the sun coming out a bit more and by noon a breeze started picking up from the NW. Had my limit before 10 then just fished for fun for a few hours. Best fish was a healthy 27.5 incher weighing in at just under 7 lbs. Also caught quite a few sheep and another 10 pound channel cat.
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