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Draggin the Line with John 6/10

Went out fishing Saturday with John and his daughter Lauren and her boyfriend Tony. John had them get Canadian licenses so would have less boat traffic. Left the dock at 5:15 and headed east of the bass islands. Treated to a sunrise over Pelee and had a fish in the box by 6am.Headed east, downwind on a long 2hr pass that put 18 fish in the cooler. Had out 4 bandits on inline boards, 2 harnesses on #2 tadpoles at 45 and 2 spoon harnesses on #3 setting dipsey at 40 and 45. They all caught fish. Then we drove out of the fish so far that it took us another half hour to get marks again when we turned around. By the time we got back to the marks the bite had changed too and the fish were deeper. We changed the dipseys to a 60 lead and added a third dipsey at #1 setting at 40. Changed the harnesses to 60 but left out the original 3 bandits at 100,80 and 55. The bandits did not catch another fish…should have added a weight to them but was still getting marks at 20ft so left them there. We caught our final fish by 11am all on the deeper spoons and harnesses. Our 24 weighed 62lbs. Speed was around 2. 3mph.Caught our first 3 shorts of season and 2 white perch. Biggest was 25″. Also got a close up look at the white pelicans when a commercial boat dumped some junk fish in water in front of us. The birds had a field day.
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