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After watching wind reports, decided to try Friday afternoon for a few hours. Got on the water about 1:00 pm, and headed west of Kellies. Set up about 1 mile south of red buoy in 24 ft. water and headed North. Started with 4 rods, all bandits 40, 50, 60, and 70 ft. back, covering color spectrum to see which worked best. Seemed anything with blue caught most of the fish ( blue chrome, daydream ). Settled in at 70 and 80 ft. back unassisted, added blue and silver Scorpion spoon on dipsey set # 1 setting , 30’ back and finished afternoon with 12 nice eaters. Lost 4 reeling in closer to boat, and only caught 1 sheepshead. Caught bonus small mouth at the end.of trip.
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