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Fishing with Chris, Dave, and JP… June 9, 2023

Started the morning off with a little entertainment from my nightly critters, that visit my porch buffet. Two Opossums wandered up on the porch, while I was watering the garden next to my boat. They never noticed me, so I kept quiet to watch them. They were two full-grown adults….cute as could be! At one point, I was talking to them, and they were oblivious to me. Then, Dexter started barking at them through the front door, and that big fella just looked at Dexter as if to say, “Yeah, buddy, I hear you, but I’m hungry, and I know you can’t get to me, so I’m just going to keep eating”….and, he did. 🙂

When I finally got back in the house, I got ready, and said my goodbyes to my pups and off I went to pick up my Wisco crew from the White Caps. I told them I would be there at 5AM, but got there at 5:45, because I had to dig out some window washer fluid to fill my truck’s washer reservoir. I got tired of the flashing warning telling me it was empty.

To my surprise, my crew was already outside waiting for me. I finished my task, and we headed into town to fill up the Vexus and truck with gas, and get some ice for the cooler. Then, we headed to Mazurik’s to launch. It was 5:30 when we hit the water and headed to the north.

It was a little rough this morning, but not too bad….just 1 to 3s. I was trying to decide where I wanted to start and headed towards Middle Island, but the lack of marks on the Helix had me turning west as we got closer to the border. I set the boat down when I started marking some fish, and pointed the Terrova south, with the baby Merc pushing us at a speed of 2.2-2.3mph (Fish Hawk speed was 2.0mph).

We went through a lot of different crankbaits, and here’s what caught today…

IB Infected (DJ Custom color) Bandit at 60 back behind the Off Shore board.
Green Clown (stock color) Bandit at 50 back

Reef Runner Mag 44 in Black/Gold, Blue/Chrome, and Purple Glass Perch (60, 50, 40 back…longest lead on the outside board). The Blue/Chrome at 50 back caught two.

Baby Spros (the 85s) in Chrome Perch, Blue/Chrome, and Purple Glass Perch (60, 50, 47 back)

Crankbaits caught the bigger fish today, but the numbers came on the dipsies on the zero and three settings. Zero settings at 27 and 30 and the three settings at 43 and 47 back. Yeck, BadMo Arrow, and Scorpion spoons worked today. All different colors were working, but if the spoon had dots on it, it seemed to work better.

We were fishing over 30-31 feet of water. I just realized, I never looked at the water temp this morning. I’m guessing, it’s near 70, though, if it’s not already there.

I had the speeds up to 3.0 GPS (2.5-2.7 on the FH), and they bit at those speeds, too, so they will bite faster baits now.

We caught a lot of shorts, and had to keep checking the dipsies for wee little ones, that were hanging on.

My crew did a great job, and only needed a little refresher course, since their trip with me last year. Chris and Dave fished with me last year, but JP is a first-timer, so he was new to it all, but eventually caught on to the program, and could almost keep up with me. 🙂

I have them again tomorrow, and it should be a nicer day, with light west winds, so it will be another fun morning in the boat with them, I think. Now, that they are trained again, it will be an easy morning for me, if I can just put them over some fish. woot! woot!

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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