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7/12 report

Sorry for the delay in reporting, but if you have been following you know we have had distractions.

We went out of Huron to minimize the boat run for the guests with the uncertain weather.

We ran out to the NW to the 40 ft line and set up. The wind chop was not terrible out of the east, but there where residual cross rollers out of the North. We picked up 2 walleye and to sheep when I heard that familiar sound behind me. Eck, eck, you know the sea sick sound just before the big purge. So glad we have a wash down on the new boat.

Followed by the phrase I have heard a 100 times. “Sorry, I never get sea sick”.

So we pulled the spread and went back in.

The blessing was my finger was really throbbing and I appreciated the day off. Was sorry for the other 3 that did not get to fish.

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