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Sunday East of Sandusky Dump

Sunday morning,
My buddy and I fished out of BayPoint on his fabulous Grady. We went out searching and found decent marks east of the DG. Caught 1 keeper about every 20 minutes and ended with 10 in box weighing 22 pounds at cleaners. Speed was 2.4-2.8mph over 27-34 fow mostly. Fish were scattered around. We went upwind, sidewind downwind and just kept triangle around the fish.

Spoons ruled the day but harnesses and bandit caught a couple too. We had a small board with bandit on each side, then spoon and harness in middle with lite bite divers catching from 55-75 back on 6.5 setting. Bottom bouncer and tadpole weight with spoons off each corner. I dropped a couple before the boat that looked like keepers. We sent back another 3 or 4 smalls and same amount of sheep and white perch. Great day to be out with cloud cover most of morning.


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