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7/14 report

Our guest was an 84 years young navy veteran originally from Michigan who had never caught a Walleye but he loves to eat them. He said he had been on a couple charters but they never caught any. He thought charters were a rip off. Captain Christy charmed him and we told him if he didn’t catch a walleye his trip was free and he could wait and pay after the trip.

He booked a full day but I figured it may be short given his age. My was I wrong, he got a quick limit but kept fishing catch and release all day. I hope I’m that tough at 84! Not to mention that nice and oh the stories he shared.

I decided to stay close not knowing his capabilities and I had been getting consistent reports of shallow fish. Our first stop was off Marblehead lighthouse. There was a small boat Perching and I slowed to idle by and he thanked me. The graph lit up with nice marks. I asked how the Perching was and he said not one but he had a limit of eyes. I ask if he minded if we trolled through the area and we would stay well clear. His answer lol was “Damn. I have never had anyone in a rig like that ever ask or give a damn about me, you fish where ever you want it is fine by me”. Our guest liked that.

We set up with spoons and unassisted Bandits over 30 ft of water. Bandits were run from 100-125. Both started catching but the spoons were short; the Bandits were catching keepers. We got his limit before we could get a full spread out. To make a long story short he was happy and we tried a couple more spots on the other side of Cedar Point. Basicly the same but not quite as many big fish.

We caught allot of eyes, too many to remember for sure. We brought all our limits in and released several. But he wouldn’t release any big ones lol. I don’t know what it is with the 26-27 inch fish this far west this time of year, but NO complaints. We had 3 in that size this trip and have been catching that class almost every trip – not large number but consistently a few every time.

The program ended up being unassisted Bandits 100-125 back over 30 to 35 ft at 2.2 mph on the Fishhawk. We had a good current down at the baits. we had at one time 3.3 on the GPS to maintain 2.2 actual. We had surface temps over 80 for the first time. Temps at the baits was 75ish. We kept a couple spoons out on the riggers but they only caught one keeper all day, many shorts. Bast Bandit colors was Catacomb, Gold Perch, a goldish zombie style color, and Silver Crush.

I have nothing booked for the next few days, but I will report as soon as I get back out. You know us, we fish guests or no guests – I think it is a diseases lol!

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