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8/16 report

My Walleye trip got changed to a Perch trip. The guests from upper Michigan had heard and saw posts on the perch and wanted to change. They also said they wanted to bring their own gear and bait. I picked up 4 scoops of emeralds from highway just in case. Lastly, they dropped the “we only want perch over 10 inches”, on me.

Well they schooled the captains for sure. They used no live bait and were tossing 1/8 ounce jigs with chartreus twister or paddle tails and the same also in green and smoke. They didn’t catch near as many as Captain Christy and I but theirs were defiantly larger. They dropped their size down to 9 inches but most were over 10 for their 60.

The captains also caught 60 with multiple doubles. Captain Christy had a triple and I had a couple double doubles. We released many to try to keep the size up. We kept over 8 for our standard. We used crappie rigs and fly riggs, but the crappie rigs were best. We cut the emeralds in fourths.

We tried several spots looking for bigger fish and finally settled in North of the Marblehead Light House in 30 ft of water.

I have another Walleye trip booked for this Friday but they just agreed to slide to Saturday because of the wind. But they mentioned they may also want to Perch. I’ll keep you posted.

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