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8/17/23, Good Day Perch Fishing

Started the day out of Cooley Canal around 7:30. As soon as we hit open water the waves were coming out of the northwest. Most were 2’s with an occasional 3. Set up in 17 fow and caught 6 in about an hour before we decided to make a move. Headed to within a mile and a half of the water intake to 19 fow. It was hard to feel the bite because it was still bumpy till around 10. Then the wind started to die down. By the time we finished it was close to calm. Most of the fish came on spreaders laying on the bottom or a snelled hook off the sinker. We’d just let the minnows lay on the bottom and slowly lift until feeling a slight pressure and set the hook. Instead of moving a lot to find the fish we waited them out in our second spot and got our 60 perch (17 lbs.) by 12:30. It was a great day on the water with my good friend John.
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