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9/1 report

We went scouting for perch today. This was our first trip looking for perch since the storms. The reports we were getting weren’t sounding positive.

We started N of Catawba and set up just off a pack. We didn’t see many jerking but we started catching a few. But they were all small, 6 ish. So we moved N toward Green. We made several stops over marks but the bite was very slow.

We finally moved E toward the N end of Kellys and started catching quality fish in 30 ft NW of Kelleys.

The best bite for us was on live Goldies hooked in the back so they could swim. Multiple rigs produced but a simple drop shot rig cast out, then dragged across the bottom did the best. We kept 30 over 8. We had one jumbo just shy of 12 and 2 more 11s. We had 3 doubles and caught 60 to 70 to cull out the 30 best. Maybe 4 sheep and we had a wave of white perch come through that wore us out for 30 minutes.

We caught on frozen emeralds but the live goldies were best.

We will be back perching with guests tomorrow.

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