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9/2 report

Our guests today had previously fished for Walleye with us this Spring and wanted to Perch.

We didn’t get out until late but they managed to get their 60 Perch in about 4 hours. It was one of those steady pick kind of days. Never a fast pace, just a slow grind. We only had 2 doubles.

But it was a first time I ever saw this. We had a double with one nice Perch and a large Sheep on the same rig. We had only the one sheep and no whites today, that was nice.

There were boats on the spot we fished last night so I came further south to 27 ft of water and marked a nice school of Perch we had all to our selves. They were smaller than the fish we had further north but still 7 to 8.

Neither of our guests had Perch fished before, so we set them up with crappie rigs with live Goldies (we did well on live goldies last evening). They weren’t catching much of anything at first, but I noticed the few they did catch were on the smallest goldies. It turned out today they wanted a small bait. We ended up cutting the goldies smaller and smaller. We ended up using a 1/4 to 1/2 inch piece, that is what these particular fish wanted. They were spitting up sand fleas, so maybe that is why they wanted such a small bait.

It was a nice afternoon with nice people. BTW they caught their own 60 with none from Capt. Christy or me. They wanted to beat some friends who fished with us earlier and only caught 53 on their own.

For those who want to see pics, we post them on the fishing tiger charters facebook page. Feel free to follow us there.

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