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9/10 report

We are scheduled for a Perch trip tomorrow so we went out today to scout some spots. We fished from the Marblehead light house to S Bass around Kelley’s back to the lighthouse. We worked 23 – 35 ft of water.

To make a long story short the best depth was 30 ft. We had one spot we picked up 30 and the rest just a few each. But to be fair, we never gave them a long shot as we were just hunting. 2 spots we zeroed. We brought in 45 for the freezer.

While the bite was slower than a few weeks ago, the sizes are getting better. We had no throw backs. One was 7 inches but everything else was 8 to 10 with a couple bigger.

We had one big cat off the lighthouse, a couple sheep, one white, and 3 Gobies.

We used our typical hunting rig (drop shot rig) with half an emerald on each hook.

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